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May 26, 2011

Protect Your Facebook Account From Virus & Malware By Removing Suspicious Links

No doubt Facebook has been really popular these days with people of all ages, not only a person can use Facebook as a social networking tool but also companies use Facebook as a platform for advertising and interacting with their customers. Any one can check a person’s or anything’s popularity by just having a look at the related fan-page or user group.

Recently in a totally new move Delhi Traffic Police also joined Facebook in order to connect with the local citizens of Delhi and it has been a really nice step since thousands of members have joined the page to get the latest updates about steps being taken in order to make the roads safer to travel. Not only they can see the latest updates but they can also give their suggestions and post photos so that traffic police can issue challans to all those people who break the laws assuming no one is there to keep an eye on them. Well this is just a small example of how different types of communities are using Facebook for many other purposes rather that just limiting it to a social networking website.

So as we all know that most of us have an account on Facebook and there are more that 200 million Facebook users worldwide it is ought to be prone to many cyber threats and hackers as it contains most of your personal information that you choose to share with the public or just a few of your friends. Now we all know that there are number of steps taken by a website in order to protect its customers from cyber threats and hackers but no matter what you do still the devilish lot finds a way to get to you and hack your account and play around with your personal information.

The latest way these hackers are being able to hack your accounts are by placing some addons and applications which are then posted on you wall post when you try to click on them. This starts a trigger and then all your friends start receiving different types of unwanted updates on their wall posts which you never even know about which in turn infects them as well and the chain goes so on. So here we are with a new web tool that offers you protection from all these scams and it protects your account from this latest type of threat. This website known as the offers you a tool which is downloaded as an addon and then it constantly scans your Facebook webpage opened on Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer. This is a pretty reliable method as it keeps updating the database from time to time so that you are instantly protected from latest  threats.

Now lets see how this works, Whenever a virus or malware is detected on your web-page is a red box is displayed around it thus if someone clicks on the box the virus is not able to work. This website was developed by Randy Arthur who founded 7 internet companies and is founder of PDF and Acrobat. According to this website approximately 200 million users would be infected with Facebook viruses and it is recommended for all the users to use some or the other kind of the protection since all of us using Facebook are pretty much aware of the situation. This website guarantees total protection of the customer or offers money back guarantee.

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