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January 25, 2011

Facebook Spam Alert : ‘Who View Your Pr@file’ Message on Your Facebook Wall

Do you have a Facebook Account? If you are an active user of Facebook then take this seriously. Here is a warning for you, a new Facebook application spam with a message “ I had n0 idea u could see everyone who view your pr@file. You guys are gr@ss!http://*****/****” is been circulated on the Facebook in the form of status message.


The status update is sent out by Facebook applications that go by the names of “check who spy you”, “check who view u” etc. This message intend you to believe they will show you everyone who views your profile by following the link included in the message, but this is a spam message which automatically post the status update on your wall, with a link to the offending application. It can take you to some third party websites which may trick you to provide your personal information or downloading spyware. If you receive this message, do not follow the link or install the application. Facebook users need to be cautious when allowing unknown applications to access their accounts.

Note : The use of the @-symbol is an indication that Facebook has previously blocked a similar message.

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