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February 20, 2011

Create Private Group And Share With Your Facebook Friends

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You must be having lots of friends and acquaintances on your Facebook, but sometimes you like to share some special stuff with some of your close or important friends only. When you feel that way, Facebook is an option lets you easily create groups with close friends and family to share everything you don’t want to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Foxfly is a text messaging service that makes it easy for you to connect with the groups that are most important to you. Share content, photos and videos in your private group and leave the rest and other friends on Facebook. This is a new iPhone application that will let you message specific groups only. This is absolutely free and easy to use. You can either add friends directly via email or invite them via text message. Once friends join the group you can chat with them.


Every text message that is sent to the group is delivered to each individual in the group. People who don’t have iPhones can send or receive free text messages via email, so everyone can stay in touch. and its all private. It is designed for you and your closest friends and assure you that groups are strictly private. Only friends who are invited can join and only members within the group will see the free text messages that are exchanged. However, to make it easy to invite your friends, you can share your unique invite link (and associated QR barcode) of your group. Anyone who opens the link can join the group. If you’ve publicized your link and found that there are a lot of unwanted people joining your group. You can kick them out, renew your link and start again, or close off the group. You can add up to 16 people in your group at one time. So start exchanging private messages using this free application for you.

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