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May 23, 2009 – Find Attractive Faces and Voices

Filed under: Search — Tags: — abhishek @ 1:37 am is run by Lisa DeBruine and Ben Jones. They are experimental psychologists working at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Basically they are interested in how people read faces and the ways in which this relates to experiences they have during their life and collecting data and finding all the relevant information from this research.

This website provides you with many feature like:

  1. Upload Your Own Faces
  2. Make an Average Face
  3. Transform a Face
  4. Make a Baby
  5. Permanent Gallery
  6. Temporary Gallery
  7. Differences Between Faces
  8. Scrambled Faces
  9. Image Rotation

Also after registering with their site you can fill a questionnaire about your face by just answering some questions. Thus basically this site is all about gathering data and finding solutions to following question.

  1. Average and Symmetry
  2. Average or Attractiveness
  3. Emotion Comparison
  4. Masculinity Techniques
  5. Eye Spacing and Face Adaptation
  6. Sadness Detection and Facial Age
  7. Parental Characteristics

You can register and participate in this survey and at last use all the details they publish for your own needs. You will get all information about the characteristics that may be associated with face and voice preferences and see how you compare to others. They will post all their study results after they have finished collecting data.

Thus this web site is basically all about gathering information and is of interest to a special class of people or particularly research students and people related to face study.


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