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February 10, 2011

Battle Your Social Media Addiction

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Are you addicted to social networking sites? Do you keep on visiting Facebook again and again within an interval of just a few minutes. If not you, I bet there are lots of social media junkies like me out there, who just cannot come over their habit of checking their profiles for updates. Even while reviewing this web site I visited my Facebook homepage at least thrice.

We need something to keep us out so that our regular work doesn’t get effected. So we have this latest online tool which will help you to overcome your addiction. KeepMeOut, as the name suggests is an online tool developed specially for those who are social media junkies. Users who just can’t get enough of it and are always on the brink of opening a new tab just for their online profiles. KeepMeOut helps users to de-addict themselves from this bad habit. Now the question arises, “How?”. Well, as soon as you visit your profile for the second time within a defined interval of time (the time interval will be defined by you) you will be prompted that you had just checked your profile. This might help users to de-addict themselves from this drug called social media.

KeepMeOut works not only for your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also for Gmail, Orkut, YouTube, Google, MySpace etc. It’s free to use and no registrations are required. Users can also make a bookmark for a web site and store it in their respective browsers. Read more to know how you can make use of this tool.

On the homepage, you will see the web sites which are listed. You can choose the web site from which you want to de-addict yourself.


After choosing and specifying the time limit, click on submit. Once clicked, you will be transported to the next web page, where you will have the alternate URL for (we chose Facebook for testing). The web page will look as shown below.


To save the link as bookmark, you can drag it to your browser’s toolbar or you can right click and select “Bookmark”. If you visit Facebook (or any other chosen web site) within the specified time interval, the following prompt message page appears instead.


It’s a great website and an amazing concept. Highly recommended for social media addicts like me.

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