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December 13, 2010

Locate Someones Phone Number Or Address Online by Social Search Engine

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Social Networking is increasingly becoming a way of life. Every person you have met at any juncture in life is there somewhere in the web world. But with the rampant rise in the number of social platforms, it is increasingly becoming a headache to track down people you want to revive ties with. Spokeo is the answer to all your countless hours getting invested in merely browsing gazillion social sites and blogs in search of that long lost friend or acquaintance.

Spokeo is a powerful search engine for finding people. It is specialized in aggregating and organizing vast quantities of people-related information from a large variety of public sources ranging from social networks, phone directories, marketing surveys, mailing lists, government censuses, real estate listings, and business websites. The engine comprehensively aggregates the data spread across the web in one single page in just a few flying seconds.

The user has to just go to the search box on the homepage and key in one of the following information: name, email, phone or friends and chose the appropriate tab on the top. Rest, Spokeo will speak for itself by retrieving every possible minute detail about that person which has been made public by him on any online platform.

You can even get the latest updates like newsfeed of all the new information posted by your friends. There are options available to group, reorder, merge, and delete friends with simple drag-and-drop actions. Best of all, the services are free and fast.

Spokeo is the brainchild of Harrison, a former Stanford student who conceptualized it after finding it hard to toggle and scour through endless social forums to zero down on the information he needed. He devised this people centric search engine and has earned a lot of rave reviews.

On the hindsight, many people have questioned the accuracy of information and having all their personal data under the public glare. Also, the people engine currently aggregates name and phone listings in the US only. Therefore, one cannot locate non-US residents by name or phone. Only email search can be used to locate non-US based people.

In short, next time don’t go on a wild goose chase and let Spokeo do it for you.

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