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August 7, 2010

Find Best Color Combinations with

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Colors have a deep and ever lasting impact on our mind. It is one of the very few intangible devices which can captivate the human mind and heart and bring life to an otherwise drab and plain looking piece of art. The creative people and web designers, in particular, know the importance of choosing the right color to hold the attention of their target audience for a long span of time.

As a creative person, you might often find yourself “color confused” or dissatisfied with your inability to find just the right color for your website. This may be because of your lack of knowledge of the names of the various color variations available for the known color. Here is a web tool which will bedazzle you with its amazing hue of colors on the palette ready to be picked and applied. Color Reminder makes the best color combinations available on your desktop just with a couple of clicks.

All you need to do is select the color of your choice from the long list on the homepage of the website. You can even enter the color you need with the aid of Color Picker. All the possible variations of that particular color would be presented to you in a blink-and-miss moment. No wonder, it would be a complete delight to your eyes to find just the right color you had been on a lookout for. Needless to say, the tool saves your countless hours which you would have otherwise spent in getting the right shade of the right color.

Another striking feature of this wonderful web color maker is that it provides myriad color options to the users. What more, you can even have the color inverted or apply grayscales to get your perfect color combination in a jiffy!! The website also provides easy to follow steps for color integration into a webpage with hexadecimal or rgb value.

All in all, it’s a must- know web based tool for all the budding and seasoned graphic and web designers to enjoy their creative pursuits.

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Coloreminder is a web tool, that helps designer, webmasters… to find colors easily and inspiration.
The color variation is very useful when you need to create a web page, design with differents areas.
You can select a color into the list or enter the color you need (color picker)…
Just generate the result to get many variations, or others colors options (invert, greyscale…)

How is useful?

Color Reminder can be used effectively to enhance your website’s visibility in the minds of readers with the best color combinations.

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