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March 10, 2010

Find Best Movie of the Weekend –

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Movies can be a complete entertainment package having a cool and rejuvenating effect on our mind and at the same time, some flicks can spell a complete disaster. They are a pain to sit through coupled with loss of time and money. So often, we are misguided by the hype and hoopla created about the new release owing to the smart promotional gimmicks. In reality, the movie lives up nowhere close to the expectations. The reviews and ratings  on websites also seem to be biased, inconclusive and too long to read. Have you also ever felt trapped in a multiplex wondering why you came to watch this movie in the first place? We have found a site which will help you in making better movie related decisions.

MovieOrWhat is a website which essentially allows the actual cinegoers to vote for a movie. On the basis of votes garnered by the latest release, the site uses a sorting algorithm to pick the movie for you which is worth watching in the coming weekend. The votes assist in classifying the movie as a ‘must-watch’ and ‘worth a miss’.

All you have to do is to go to the website and see a firm YES or NO for watching the movie in question and if you still need some more information, you can click the link and see some user opinions. The votes casted by the moviegoers help the site in deciding if the website owners can recommend the movie to the rest of the people. Only after a minimum predetermined number of votes are casted in favor or against the movie, a concrete YES/NO is decided by the interesting algorithm the tool uses. Site is integrated with Twitter and will be integrated with Facebook in the coming days.

A great site for people who are extremely selective about the movies they wish to watch.


Our rating 3.5 / 5 | Visit


You share your opinion about the movies, other people share their opinion about the movies and magically we can calculate what is the best choice of the weekend!

How Is Useful?

MovieOrWhat helps in making quick and correct decision on the question which comes in our mind almost every weekend “Should I spend time and money on this movie?”

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