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September 26, 2011

Sort Your Gmail Account By Mail Size Of The Emails In Your Inbox

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Gmail is most often used email service, almost everyone of us had a Gmail account as it give access to other Google Products, Google provides more than 7.5 GB of storage space on Gmail which allows you to store lots of emails on it.

many times we get pictures, videos or some other data as attachment in our mail, which occupies space on your account, if you too had lots of mails which has big attachment on your inbox then you might soon cross the free limit of storage provided to you.

If you had used all storage space then either you had to purchase more space or have to delete some mails to free up space on your account otherwise your incoming mails will go back to the sender and you wont be able to get more mails on your account.


An easy way to free up space from your Gmail account is to use an easy web service, FindBigMails, its an free web service which scans your inbox and it will label mails like Big Mail, Ultra Big mail or Really Big mail, according to the size of them which allows you to delete those big mails and claim space on your account.


Not only this once it scans your inbox it sends an confirmation mail to you which contains data and charts which shows the scan result.

How to use it :-

  • Visit web site from below link,
  • Now provide your email address and then it will connect to Gmail using Google’s OAuth,
  • Then it will scan your inbox, it may take some time coz it depends on the size of your inbox,
  • Once it scans your inbox it will sends a confirmation email and label your emails.
  • According to the labels you can delete mails and get free space on your mail box.

FindBigMail retrieve mails according to the size of attachments not according to the full content of the email.You don’t have to worry as FindBigMail takes on temporary token and it don’t have access to your account later.

Visit Site :- FindBigMail

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