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December 9, 2011

Find Difference In Two Files And Merge Them

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There are many situations when we need to find out the difference between two text or word files. suppose you get an text file from your boss and he ask you to take a look at it and make some changes on it, you made changes in it and save it, then suddenly you want to know what changes you had made and look for differences.

There are many apps which let you find the difference between any two text files but some are paid ones and to some you have to download and install them on your system which capture space and uses memory of your system.

Mergely is an web based  powerful diff and merge tool which lets you find the different between any two text or word file.You can upload or copy and paste the file into it and then you can compare those two files very easily.


The app will highlight the different which it find on both text or word files, once you notice or find different in file you can merge the different of file, just hover your mouse on change line and the click on the arrow to merge the file, If you click the arrow in the right pane, the text in the right pane will replace that in the left one.

Once you are done with making changes you can save the file by clicking on Save button at the top of the page, you can search for any text or word in the file by using search tool, you can even swap 2 files by just one click.

Once you had saved file then you can download it back to your computer, you can even share your file with your friends by sharing unique URL, you can start new comparison by clicking on New button at the top of page.

Visit Website :- Mergely

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