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August 29, 2010

Find Exact Name of Any Color

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Naming colors is no longer a child’s play considering the myriad variations available. What essentially used to be first kindergarten lesson has now become a painful and sometimes even embarrassing exercise as we often find it difficult to distinguish purple, indigo and lavender!!!

Here is a fun tool for all the commoners callous about colors and their hard to remember names. This web application is extremely simple to use and there are absolutely no hidden technical complications. It is intended for fun and that’s exactly what is does. All you have to do is click on the color wheel and make a color of your imagination. The tool will find out the name of the closest matching color.

For your convenience, there is a dropdown list of more than 1500 colors which you can play around and experiment with. Some of the color variations have funny names like Astronaut, Atomic Tangerine to name a few and arouse natural curiosity to view those funny named colors. The color names in this list are authentic and were found by the app creator via free web sources like Wikipedia, Cravola and Color Name Dictionaries.

So, the next time when your color confusion increases, use this little colorful tool. You can even flaunt various color names when an uninvited high headed guest pays a visit!!

This tool is indeed an amazing way to have fun with colors without feeling like an ignorant fool who is color challenged in this digital age.


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About name-that-color

Create a color on the screen and find out the name of the closest matching color.

How is name-that-color useful?

It’s a fun tool to know your colors not just by sight but also by name.

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