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July 3, 2011

Find Out A Person Nature, Attitude As Per Online Activity With Reppler

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We all wants to make our image clean in front of other so that it can give a nice picture of our, the same thing happen in online life, we wanna make it clean as well.

In many studies it was found that employer keep an eye on his/her employees Facebook account, even in many cases your Facebook account is checked before your interview is done.

So it means it is very necessary to make your Facebook profile clean and remove all improper contents from it so that you wont get into any trouble.

Reppler is a nice online tool which scans your Facebook profile and tell if there is any improper content or loop hole in your privacy which a hacker can use to take advantage of your account.

You have to visit the Reppler site and then just click on the big Facebook button, then it will ask for an confirmation to access your accounts details just allow it, And the it will scan your profile and shows the scan result.

It will warn you if it found any status, image or language which can damage your image.

Results are shown in 4 categories, My Impression,  It shows the language and differentiate on the basis of Positive and Negative,


My Inappropriate Content, here those notification is shown which can be considered inappropriate in font of others. A link is given with the every content by clicking on which you will be taken to the Facebook page of that content,

My Information, Here all your information is shown, or you can say summary of your Profile is shown here,

My Privacy and Security Risks, here Reppler will alert you with those information that a hacker use to hack your account.

If you wanna make your online image clean and wanna own a decent Facebook profile then you must give a try to Reppler.

Visit Site :- Reppler

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