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November 3, 2010

Need Help In Selecting Gadgets?

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Gadgets drive the course of our life these days. Thousands of them get launched each day and there begins the classic buyer’s confusion who is actually spoilt for choice. You enter an electronics store or a website, and suddenly the sight of different models with swanky looks and high end features can drive you crazy. Even worse, if you are bad at making choices, you are in for a head ache and can end up making frantic rescue calls to some your gizmo freak friends.

Measy is a website to make your gizmo decisions faster and to give you a neutral, well researched second opinion before you cough up the money. All you have to do is to choose the product from the category which includes Digital Cameras, DSLRs, E-Readers, HDTVs, Smart phones etc.

Once you make the choice, you have to answer simple questions like your budget, brand preferences, ease of use, frequency of use, level of expertise and simple features with absolutely no technical jargons to scare you if you are a first time buyer. The website would present before you two or three most suited products based on its market research and consumer response. The site still needs to build a more extensive database to give users more concrete options.

As per the website owners, all the scores are based on expert reviews gathered on particular specification and well researched and consolidated before arriving at a decision. The website is available in beta and just to add a little trivia, Measy is an amalgam of ‘me’ and ‘easy’.

So, smart shoppers and first time buyers, use this website to find your perfect gizmo!! Put an end to running from pillar to post seeking advices from self acclaimed “techno savvy” acquaintances.


Our Rating: 3.5/5 | visit


“Measy helps you find the perfect gadget.”

How Is Useful?

There is no dearth of gizmos and gadgets, but still most of us get utterly confused before swiping that card for the final purchase. This website helps you narrow down choices without any biases and best of all, calculations are done on the basis of your answers. So, you can get your nearly perfect gadget.

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