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April 17, 2010

Find Twitter Friends Doing Same Thing As You With

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There is a lot of unexplained fun and excitement in doing the same thing at the same time even if we are present at different locations and time zones. Are you curious to know how many of your Twitter friends are also doing the same thing? Here is an online application which finds out this interesting information for you by doing some simple calculations.

Whydoitalone is a Twitter based application which gives the exact count of your Twitter friends engaged in similar activity. You just have to go to the homepage of the application and tweet the task you are doing or the feelings and emotions you are experiencing at the moment. The utility will aggregate the tweets posted on its homepage on the basis of similar word and give you the count.

You can also integrate it with your Twitter account and all your status updates will automatically get posted on the website. You can also leave an anonymous message on the website. This web utility is purely meant for entertainment and takes your curiosity to the next level.

So, the next time you will not be left pondering how many people are thinking its beer o’ clock, not wearing underpants or squeezing pimples. Whydoitalone will find it out for you!!


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How is useful?

It’s a simple and fun way to know similar silly, whacky or may be boring things being done by a whole bunch of people.

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