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September 9, 2011

Find Who Is There In Google Plus

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Google has recently launched its new Social networking site Google+ Or Google plus, currently Google Plus is in invite base only means you need to get an invitation from your friend who is already on Google+,  and soon it will be open for all users.

Google has lunched Google+ to compete with Facebook and Twitter, and as per the sources saying somehow Google has got success to attract users toward it, well it will be too early to say anything on as its just a start for Google+.

Ok if you wanna join Google+ or I can say if you wanna join any social networking site then first thing you would think is why should I join it, is there any of my friend on it?, with whom I can chat or interact on the site.

If you also thinking this before joining Google+ then FindPeopleOnPlus will help, its an nice online service which lets you find your friends or other people who are already using Google+.

FindPeopleOnPlus lets you search for the users on the basis of lots of parameters like Name, Age, Profession, Location and so on, you can simply say that FindPeopleOnPlus is the directory of Google+ where almost all users are indexed.

One the homepage it will shows some top users of Google+, like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and so on :-


FindPeopleOnPlus also lets you to find people on the basis of Relationship, Gender, Following, Followers, Occupation, Country, State, City, so it means you had very wide search parameter to find people on Google+.

If you want other people can find you on FindPeopleOnPlus then you can add or update your profile on FindPeopleOnPlus, its very simple you just need to enter your Profile Id and email address, don’t worry your email address will not be shared with any third party.

If you had found your profile on FindPeopleOnPlus and don’t wanna get indexed and wanna remove yourself then you can do it very easily, all you need to do is enter you Plus Id and agree to the term and that’s it, within 24hrs-48hrs your profile will be removed from their index.

Features :-

  • Easy to use,
  • Lots of parameters to search people on Google Plus,
  • Work as Google Plus directory,
  • Allows you to add yourself on Google Plus index,
  • You can remove yourself also from their index,
  • Its good to know how of your friends are already on Google+ before joining it

Visit Site :- FindPeopleOnPlus

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