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December 3, 2010

Fast And Easy Way To Remove Red Eye Effect From Your Photos

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You must’ve noticed “Red Pupils” in many of your pics. This red eye development in photographs is very common. Well this doesn’t mean that your eyes have really turned red. The red color is actually the color of blood vessels in your eyes. What actually happens is that, when a photograph is taken (especially at night) the flash (which is so bright) causes reflection from our retina. This reflection causes the color of blood vessels to shine more and hence a red eye is developed in the photograph.

There have been several techniques to avoid “red eye effect”. There are also certain cameras which have an in-built feature by the name of “red eye reduction”. Different techniques which help in reducing red eye are; keeping the flash away from the cameras optical distance, taking pictures by switching off the flash and increasing the ambient lighting, making the subjects to look away from the lens, digital image editors. But you would realize that most of the techniques listed above are not in our hands to control (like distance of flash from optical axis of lens or increasing the ambient lighting). What I mean to say is that, how can we increase the distance of flash from the optical axis of the lens.

To overcome these limitations and to be free from any hassles while taking photos (like taking the headache of increasing the ambient lighting), we introduce you to a simple, easy to use online tool., acts as a digital photo editor and helps you to remove those red eyes easily. You dont need to be an Einstein to use the tool. Moreover, it’s free to use and no registrations are required.

Here is how to use the tool. As you are on the homepage of the web site, you will see a small icon (Browse Files) on the lower right side of the screen. Click and upload the file.


Once uploaded, you will see a small drag box on the right side of the screen. The snapshot of the drag box is shown below.


Click on this drag box and drag it on the place which you want to edit (in this case reduce the red eye). Once placed at the required position, click on fix it and there you go, red eye effect will be removed. You can use the tool more than once and on multiple photos (there is no limit to using this tool).


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