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January 5, 2010 – Twitter Based Movie Ratings

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We stumbled on another startup adding a new feather in the cap of ubiquitous micro-blogging site called Twitter. The popularity index of Twitter is scaling great heights and many new ventures are coming up based on it. Flixup is the latest twitter backed application for all the movie lovers who check out the movie reviews before watching any latest flick. If you are one amongst those who will not take the risk of watching any movie without knowing the buzz it is creating in the market, then this app is just what you needed. What more, you would not even have to rely on the long, detailed and sometimes biased reviews given by anonymous critics when you can  actually get all the first-hand information straight  from tweets posted by your friends and strangers.

Flixup is a recently launched free web and mobile app which will help you make informed decision on any movie on the basis of short, simple, unbiased personalized reviews.  The website has a very simple user friendly interface with two categories – “Top Movies” and “Coming soon”. The site generates scores and ratings for all the movies after careful analysis of all the tweets. They have devised a unique algorithm called “Noise Assassin” which filters noise and helps in quality check.

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It is the product of San Francisco based ‘Bazaar Labs’ and currently pulls data only from Twitter. Flixup uses some attractive face emoticons and thermometer to help you understand the buzz the flick is creating. Green light on the buzz meter denotes ‘positive’ review; yellow signifies ‘neutral’ response while red clearly tells you to watch it at you own risk!!

This service can be used more efficiently if you sign into your twitter account. It would then allow you to view the conversations of your friends on that movie.

Some other key highlights of this innovative app are:

  • One click on the movie link will give you movie information, movie trailer and twitter reviews, all in one go!
  • You can also retweet, rate a movie on a scale of 1 to 5 and add comments.
  • Free iPhone application of Flixup is also available.


Our rating 4 / 5 | Visit


Flixup is a web and iPhone application that helps you make entertainment choices based on understanding what movies people are talking about on Twitter. Flixup was created by the team at Bazaar Labs.

How Is Useful?

It is a Twitter powered Movie Rating application which will help you know what is being said about the latest release and by whom. Its strong filtration makes it a source to vouch for.

How is Flixup Different from similar websites?

The services offered by this start up are unrivalled and they are not facing any competition from other websites.

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