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June 18, 2009

Fotopedia – Free Online Wikipedia Of Photos

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Fotopedia is one such web portal that provides you information on various images.

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Its a collaborative photo encyclopaedia which is based on crowd sourcing model in which general public is invited to add their own photos in relevant categories and add more information to it.

Wikipedia is a very large source of information on various topics. You search any topic it provides you information on 90% of them. But it consists of only texts and links. It does not provide any information on images. It can also be called as Wikipedia for images with the difference lying only in the mode of representation of information.

While in Wikipedia information is only in the form of text and links but in Fotopedia the information is in the form of images. In fact information is available on large number of images.

Steps of Procedure to Use this Site

  1. Share Your Photos by adding your photos from anywhere you want like flickr, Picasa etc.
  2. Organize your images and document them.
  3. Nominate the most relevant photos for the articles with which you want to link it.
  4. Vote for the photo you liked most.


Fotopedia is the Wikipedia of images. It lets you add photos from anywhere and reduces the overhead of uploading the images again and again. It also allows you to quickly create an album of the images. Users can easily share their album and even post them on facebook. Organization of photos by

Fotopedia allows user to easily browse and find various images. Since it is a collaborative web portal, It also allows you to organize photos of others along with yours and document them with Wikipedia articles which allows you to nominate the photos for the corresponding encyclopedia article. Every Wikipedia page has a Fotopedia encyclopedia page associated with it.  It has more than 150000 photos which cover over 4500 encyclopedia pages. Each page contains some text description from Wikipedia and links related to the galleries.

Editor’s View

Fotopedia is a great encyclopedia for images. It provides useful information on various topics through images and also provides links to Wikipedia pages providing more relevant information. It allows you to browse by different categories and nominate them.  All in all it’s a great web portal for information through images.


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