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March 25, 2010

Get Email Reminder Alerts With

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Fast paced life has taken a toll on not just our body but our minds as well. We need to be constantly reminded as at any given point of time we are preoccupied by several thoughts and long list of tasks. How about having an online tool which becomes your task manager and reminds you of all your important tasks which need to be followed up without any delays? That will be put a natural end to unpleasant and annoying mails from your seniors, sub-ordinates or colleagues. Also, your forgetful nature will no longer remain your weakness which others can take undue advantage of. FollowUpThen really fits in the bill if you are endlessly multitasking and struggling to keep a tab on things.

FollowUpThen provides free email reminder services which are auto-generated and send as per your chosen day or time. You don’t even need to have an account to be able to use the services.

Here is how this wonderful task manager works:

All you to need to do is CC the email to the service, using the amount of time between now and the follow-up as the user name and “” as the domain. For instance, you wish to be reminded after 2 days, it would be like CC: This follow-up mail will be then sent to both the parties after 2 days if the recipient does not respond using “Reply All” option in two days. However, if you don’t want the other party to be reminded, BCC should be used. You can even use To: option to receive an email from follow up team after 2 days which basically functions like a quick memo for yourself.

Some other key highlights of this web utility are:

  1. Any time period ranging from 10 minutes, 1day, 3 weeks to several months can be used.
  2. No prior registration or sign up is required.
  3. No software installations are required.
  4. If the recipient does not respond, the original message is sent again with an interesting and eye catching little graphical template.


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FollowUpThen is the most efficient reminder on the market. It is also safe and secure. It sends only one email reminder per request (ie, we will not spam you, or your recipient). It takes only seconds to use.

How Is useful?

It is a free, safe, secure and efficient web based service for getting automatic email reminders.

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