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September 8, 2010

Free Online Address Book –

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Yellow pages may have become a thing of past, but the need to maintain an address book has only increased in this shrinking flat world. The problem does not end by just having an address book with all the contact information of friends, colleagues and business partners. The bigger problem is constantly maintaining it with the updated data as people tend to live lives in suitcases these days!!

Soxio is an intelligent web application which not only caters as a very handy online address book but also ensures that you always have the up-to-date contact data. You don’t have to take the trouble of bugging people or getting bugged time and again to know their whereabouts.

Here is how this wonderfully interactive web application works. By registering on the website, you automatically become a Soxios user and can start creating your own private network. Soxios is based on the principle: "Let your contacts manage their own contact data in your address book themselves". Whenever any of your Soxios network members modifies his contact information, Soxios will take notice and update the data that you have in your address book. This clever scheme helps in efficient management of contacts and saves a lot of time and trouble in getting back in touch.

You can also chose to selectively release your personal details to other Soxios users. In simple words, you enjoy complete control of your contact data. The services are currently available in English and German language. You can avail free or Premium services depending on the number of contacts that you wish to have in your network. Refer to the “About” page for more details on their Free and Paid Options.

Some other key highlights which make it worth using are:

  • Create your own Subdomain, showing your most important address data
  • Manage Emergency Contacts and send Alert Messages
  • Send a certain amount of SMS for free
  • Directly communicate over various channels, such as VoIP, IM, SMS, email etc.


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“The clever address book”. Let your friends, colleagues and business partners manage their contact data themselves.

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Soxios is a smart, interactive, time saving and intelligent tool for people who believe in a lot of social networking because of personal or professional reasons.

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