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August 1, 2009 – Free Online Gaming Website is a revolutionary new web app aimed at helping gamers create and manage their library of Flash games. Think iTunes – but for Flash games. You love playing Flash games? Right. You’re crying out for somewhere to keep all your favorite games? Right. Somewhere where you can socialize with fellow gamers, battle to get to the top of high score lists, and discover the latest and greatest Flash games? Right. Well, you’ll love

For a start, it is absolutely free. They have a library of 6,000 free games from which you can build up your collection. They are also constantly working with their partners to bring you more games.

But it is not just the huge library that makes this stand out from the crowd. Unlike other Flash game portals, this service puts you in complete control of your games. You decide precisely what games go in your library. And once they are in your library, they remain there forever (unless you decide to remove them, of course).

There’s no longer any need for you to search through your bookmarks for that great game you played the other day but whose name you can’t – for the life of you – remember. All you need to do is to login to and it will be waiting there for you, along with all your other favorite games.

It is not just your games that will be waiting for you at, but also your gaming friends. It turns your library of games into a social network. You can share your games with family and friends, read other people’s advice on particularly tricky bits of games, track your performance on high score tables, win trophies and badges, plus much, much more.

Moreover, the basic service will always be absolutely FREE and signing up takes LESS THAN 60 seconds.

So, What are you waiting for? Sign up and change the way you play Flash games forever.


Our Rating 4/5 | Visit

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