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March 31, 2012

Get 10 GB Of Free Cloud Storage, Get Upgrades Up To 200 GB By Referral And Contribution

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Could storage is a very much popular thing nowadays for internet users, its quite a good thing as you will store all your files on the cloud and there is no fear of loss of data due to theft, crash of machine or such like. As your data is online so you can access it, view it and download it from any part of the world, no need to carry your data any more.

But many times selecting a cloud service we look for big storage, you can go for SkyDrive which provides 25 GB of free space or ADrive, but if you are looking for something more than Symform is for you, it provides you with upto 200 GB of free storage space.

Symform gives you 10 GB of free space at the time of start which can be increased upto 200 GB by sharing your own hard drive space to the network. You need to contribute 1.5 GB of data for every 1GB you want to store, suppose you want 200 GB of cloud then you will need to contribute 300 GB. But if you refer it to any of your friend then he gets 10 GB free and so you too.

To get started you need to download and install their desktop client to your system, you can download it on Windows and there is an Beta version for Mac which works on 10.6 and above, no linux version at this time.

Once you download and install, it will ask you email address where it will send a activation code, once you get your code click on Next button,


On the next screen you will be needed to enter your device name and optional location too, On device type screen you will be asked whether you wanna contribute to towards network just check that option.


On the next screen you will be asked to select the folder which you wanna Sync and make backup of it, by default your Document folder is selected you can remove it and add new one too.


On next screen you will need to configure the setting regarding allocation of bandwidth, you can set the speed limit to download data and upload data. It also gives an nice option in which you can select the business hours, during which your speed is optimized.



Now on the next screen you will need to select the folder where contributed data is stored, it will be stored in encrypted form so you wont be able to read others data.

Now at last click on Next and you will get a summary of all your account.


Now just click on Apply button and it will create your device and register it online and finally click on Finish button to get started.

A downfall I notice is that you wont be able to figure out what it is doing as I don’t find any kind of its icon on my system tray, so you might need to open your task manager to check out whether its running or not.

To use this tool you must have install Microsoft .Net 3.5 on your machine, If you log in to its web interface then you will notice that you will be able to see the device you had added to your account, you can click on folder to see the content on it, but you wont be able to see it or download it.

Visit Site :- SymForm

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