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July 21, 2011

Get Alert For Important Mails While Staying Away From Inbox

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There were sometime when we are on vacation and we want to stay away from all work and we even don’t check our Inbox for new mails, but what in this time period you got a important mail?

Or you constantly check your inbox for any new mail on your inbox, AwayFind can help you, it will notify you as you get any important message.

AwayFind is a nice service which alerts you when you got any important mail according to the parameter you had set for important mails.


AwayFind also feature a auto-respond which means if anyone mails you then a automatic respond mail will be sent to the other party with a custom mail which can contain the way to contact you or when he should contact you.

AwayFind notify you via SMS, Phone Call, Email, IMs like AIM,GTalk, Yahoo, and MSN, its also has a iPhone push notification app and an Android version is coming very soon.

Not only this if you area Twitter fan then AwayFind could notify you on twitter also by sending a Direct Message to you.

AwayFind work fine with Google Apps account.There are browser and outlook plugins also which makes its easy to  create filters for you mails.

AwayFind will also provides a personal contact form for all its users which lets other to contact you when you are away.

You can take a look at the video below to know more about this service :-



Features :-

  • Easy To Setup filters,
  • Free
  • Quite useful service,
  • Alerts you via IMs, Emails, SMS, Phone calls and even through twitter,
  • iPhone Client for notifications,
  • Browser plugin,
  • Outlook plugin,
  • Support Google Apps

Visit Site :- AwayFind

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