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March 8, 2011

Get All Your Social Network Updates & News Into Your Inbox

Are you feeling a social overdose, thanks to your presence on multiple social networking sites and not to mention, and countless hours spent sifting through them to catch up on the latest buzz. Nothing unusual as most of are completely smitten by this social bug.

If you are also an average Jack looking for ways to stay on top of all the important information on the fly without wasting productive time, here are two very useful  sites to be used to get all your social news straight into your inbox.

1. Summify

Summify is a new tool to bring your daily dose of important social information in a concise way.  It links your Twitter, Facebook and feed stories from Google Reader at one place. The aggregated information is sent as news digest on your email after duly filtering out duplicate and redundant information.

The website uses a smart algorithm to scrutinize and understand your browsing pattern to be able to build just the right customized content exclusively for you. Their powerful algorithm based on social graph is essentially the USP of this website. You need not hip, skip and jump from one network to other to get the top news that matters to you.

You can choose to get an Email Digest with the number of stories varying between 2 to 5 and at a time of your choice. A quick account will get you started and you can enjoy the services of this web application.

Here is a little peek into this startup. It founded by two Romanian interns at Microsoft and Google to help people cut down on their random skimming and scanning.  It is definitely worth a shot for all the social bees.


2. NewsFeedEmail

Do you know that 54% of the companies across the globe have blocked access to Facebook?  Harsh reality but something which we have all learnt to live with and in some cases even resorted to expensive alternatives like accessing Facebook via mobile phones.

Newsfeedemail does exactly what its name suggests, it send Social News Feed via email totally FREE of cost. It’s a service much in demand keeping in mind how Facebook has become a turning point in our social lives.  The best thing is that the mail is sent in such a format that it would not invite unwanted attention from your colleagues and raised eyebrows from your boss. It appears as if you checking ‘just another mail’!!

Here are the some quick advantages of using this Free Service:

  • You can view photos of friends and family.
  • Get updates after every 3 hours.
  • No distractions like online games, apps. Get your Social News on the fly.
  • Get updates after every 3 hours.
  • Save time and money.

A simple sign up and you are all set to get active on your social network even at work.  A free tool which makes a day at work little more interesting, helps you stay connected to your near-dear ones and does not run you into trouble is indeed a site to use!!


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