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March 22, 2010

Get Answers To Computer Related Questions –

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Internet explorer working too slow, unable to open sites, control panel behaving in an erratic manner, hard drive driving you mad and the list goes on. Do you feel lost in this strange and ever changing digital age and need someone to promptly simplify things for you?  Don’t fret and fume any further as we have a website which will certainly make you feel better equipped with its quick fix solutions.

Trouble Fixers is an established brand and has built credibility in the world of computers in a short span of time. The website owners have recently launched a new portal called Answers By Troublefixers for all those people who are left high and dry after searching several sites for one simple query. If you have any computer related question, Trouble Fixers and its readers have the answer and not only that. Take my word, these guys don’t beat around the bush and give you simple, concise and to the point answers without confusing you with too many technical jargons and unwanted details.

The website is an open forum where you can post any number of queries on topics ranging from Hardware, MAC OS, Networking to Security and even gaming consoles. What more, you are free to ask what may otherwise be written off and frowned upon as foolish and common sense questions. In fact, the website owners actively reply to all such queries as they understand that most of us have those questions in mind but are too shy to ask and share. Also, if you are looking for answers for very specific questions, this extension of Trouble Fixers is just the right place for it. The intent is to help involve readers in helping other readers in need of answers to their questions. Anyone can register for free and help other with their queries. So please register and help others by answering to their queries.

The website has a “Search” option where you can look for similar queries which have been answered in the past. Keeping in mind the spirit of free and open portal, users are free to express their opinion and even answer the questions posted by others which are closely scrutinized and screened by experts before being made public. The website has a very appealing interface with “Best of Answers” and “Recent” questions on the homepage. They have a category called “Popular” where you can view some common issues most of us face.

Best of all, the services are completely FREE and you don’t even need to be a registered member to ask, answer or discover things. So, next time when your gadgets behave awry and drive you nuts, just go to


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Answers By Trouble Fixers is a question answers portal by Trouble Fixers which intends to bring a platform for readers to communicate and help each other in their computer related questions and Answers. We at Trouble Fixers try our best to cover most relevant and common computer problems, but there are many people with some specific questions which they can ask via Answers By Trouble Fixers Portal and they can also help others by answering to their questions.

How Is useful?

Save those innumerable hours and energy in getting answers to simple and basic computer problems with this wonderful and bull’s eye hitting portal with absolutely no unnecessary, fancy looking and confusing descriptions.

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