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April 27, 2012

Top 3 Services To Get Best Price For Mobile Phones In India

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We all usually through put our out dated mobile phone and get a brand new one which has new and more features as compared with old one, Nowadays getting new phones is like a trend, mobile manufacture launch new phones by adding some new features in it and people get attractive toward it.

But before buying a phone we all do a lot of research like what are its alternatives, what are its features, and most importantly what is its current price in the market. We all want to purchase products at as low price as we can get and for this we usually travel almost whole city, now you wont need to do as you will be able to do it right from your computer using following web services :-


PriceBaba is an free online web service which allows you to know the price of mobile phone which you are looking for in your city. Currently this web tool is in Beta phase and you will be able to know price of mobile phone in Mumbai only, but prices are almost same for whole country.


The interface of web site is pretty simple and UI is minimal, and you wont see and kind of ads capturing your screen, so it means it will take very less of your bandwidth and if you are on limited internet connection then you don’t have to worry about anything.

To use it, just visit the site and type the name of mobile phone which you wanna buy and then just hit Go button, on the next screen you will find the price tag of that phone and you will also get a small description about the phone, like its OS, Camera, and so on.

The price tag shown here is a bargain price and if you go out to shop or if you visit any online retail web site then you might see some up and down in it. All prices are periodically updated so you will always get latest price of the phone.

Rating :- 3/5

Visit Site :- PriceBaba


My Smart Price is like an online price comparison place where you will get information about the mobile phone and other things like laptops, games, camera, books and so on. Here you will be able to see the different prices which are being offered by the retailers.

Here once you search for a phone or anything then you will get a full description of mobile phone, here you will able to see all features of it, means you will know what that phone has got inside of it.

On the homepage of it you will see lots of phones which will help you to find your phone without making any kind of search. The interface of it is quite good but its heavy. Once you click on a phone or make a search you will see its best price and prices being offered by online retailers like :-

  • Sulekha,
  • LetsBuy,
  • Flipkart,
  • Home Shop 18
  • Infi Beam,
  • Talash,
  • Snap Deal
  • YeBhi and so on.

It will show the prices being offered by retailers, the delivery time and shipping cost being charged by them, You can click on Go To Store button of any retailer and then you will be taken directly to retailers page.


It will also shows you some similar phone in the same price range of your searched one. It offered a nice feature, Set Price Alert, means you can set an alert for product and if the price of product goes down your set one then you will get an email alert.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Visit Site :- MySmartPrice

Junglee is an Indian edition of world famous and one of the biggest online retail store Amazon, as in US, Amazon use to deliver goods directly to the customer but its not the same case in India, currently Junglee is in Beta phase and we could see lots of changes in coming future.

Here you can make search of mobiles, Laptops, Computers, Books, Camera, Watches and so on, once you make a search you will be shown a product which matches your search and then you will see how many retailers are offering it and at how much price that product will be available to you.

Here you will get a nice and full description about the phone or product, you will be able to know it, it shows all technical descriptions, product details and all.


On the product page you will be able to know who are the retailers, how much they are charging, how many stores they have in country, their phone numbers, delivery time and shipping rate. That’s not all you can also get sellers information to know more about him.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Junglee

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