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August 25, 2011

Get Email Alert When Your Facebook Contacts Update Job Details

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Statistics have shown that more than 90% of recruitment are done via networking. If you don’t have a good network, you may have to struggle a bit more to end up getting one. One great platform to build your network is Facebook. Same is the case with recruiters as well, they look out for good people via Facebook. Main reason being, your Facebook profile reflects your true personality, hence, recruiters are able to judge you better after going through your Facebook profile.

We came across this interesting Facebook app that’ll help recruiters, job seekers and more than anything else, it’ll help you keep an eye on your competitors’ “Hirings”. Track all the hiring that has been done by your competitor recently. Now the question arises, what’s the benefit of keeping track, well, let me inform you, that professional rivals never discuss strategies even if they are friends. Once you know about the professionals your competitor has been hiring, you can always guess his/her latest strategy and be prepared.

Now lets get down to some great features that this app offers. You may track all your friends on Facebook or only a few selected ones. Whenever they update their profile regarding any job changes, you’ll get an e-mail alert. You can also make use of “Keyword targeting”, that alerts you whenever the person makes changes including the keywords as specified by you (For example “Google”, “IBM” etc.). Third is, the SMS alert, that will simply send you an instant SMS.

So go ahead and make use of this amazing Facebook app. To access you only have to login via your Facebook account and there you go, you’re ready to take on all challenges.

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