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September 9, 2011

Get Filtered Links Posted By Your Friends On Facebook

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We live in an age of data deluge. A lot of information gets posted on the Facebook, which is unarguably the most popular social network. Scourging through the mundane information of your friends may not be of any value and it also leads to unwanted to wastage of time.  In such a scenario it is very difficult to stay on top of the interesting and important links posted by your friends.

LinkNotify is a Free Online tool which gives you the power to filter the content available on Facebook as per your interests. It will present before you the links posted by your friends and all the additional ‘noise’ is filtered out. In short, all the important information that gets floated during the course of day is not missed amidst hundred other redundant updates. Of course, you can always go to the profile of your friends if you are so keen on knowing their hourly activities!!

There are some online tools and search engines which do similar stuff. However, they do not give user any control over what and how much to filter. This is where LinkNotify scores the brownie points by letting its users make their decisions. You can create a customized friend list and then view links shared by only those set of people. To add to it, you can just view the links shared by the brands you closely monitor. Similarly, you can narrow down or widen your filter criteria.

You can keep deleting friends from your list if you are no longer interested in the links they share without actually removing them from your Facebook Friends’ list. So, you get to make choices and set your priorities and as users, you are bestowed with supreme power.

The application is available on iPhone and other mobile phones like Android and Blackberry with a user-friendly user interface. Wait nor more and bookmark it to get link notified!


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