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February 9, 2012

Get Latest Search Results On Any Search Topic

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Picture a life without Google and jitters run down the spine of all avid internet users. However, Google can also sometimes overwhelm us with overdose of info which may not be of relevance in our context. If streamlined search engine is what you are looking for, here is a new search engine which is creating waves in the web circuit.

NowRelevant is a specialized search engine which unlike the conventional search engines provides the most recent results on the topic of your interest. Only the information of last 14 days from the time of search in chronological order is pulled out. This filters out all the outdated and confusing information. Needless to say, your time and energy are optimally used!

The USP of this search engine is an advanced cloud computing algorithm called “The Internet Time Machine” which gets you the most pertinent and clutter-free information on any subject for exactly 14 days. There are some exciting advantages like ‘Pay per click’ for the advertisers which can be checked on the website.

This new venture is run by a group of entrepreneurs spread out around the world. It is a revolutionary idea breaking from the contemporary but indispensable search engine space.

Some of the key value additions offered by NowRelevant:

· No user registration needed.

· Free and fast services.

· ‘Internet Time Machine’ algorithm provides time bound clutter free data.

· PPC and embedded Video ads for the advertisers.


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