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June 14, 2012

Get Personalized Icon Based Keyboard On Android Phone

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Have you noticed all your friends have their distinct style of communicating and their trademark expressions which they take immense pride in? A simple ‘Hi’ which is intended to start the thread of communication is also expressed in myriad ways like ‘Hello, Howdy, Heya, Holla’! Communication has evolved and taken an entirely new informal and personalized shape with the sea of options available at our quick disposal.

Our phones are undoubtedly our constant companions and they are not just used for phone calls. Most of the smart phone users use it for a lot more reasons like chats and quick messages. Our application of the day just makes messaging so much more fun and easy. Siine is a recently launched artificially intelligent keyboard app for your touch screen smart phones. The icon-based touchscreen keyboard called ‘Siine Writer’ is currently available only for Android platform.

Here is the simple logic on which this new app works. We all have our characteristic individual style of thinking and messaging. This app gives users the freedom to customize the keyboard icons based on your usage of words or phrases. It will work as a huge time saver once you get accustomed to the new adaptable keyboard and a whole new experience.

Best of all, you can have as many specialized icons as you like as there is no limit on that. There is a wonderful Help portal on the website for all the beginners for general tips, tricks and support. The app is innovative and has good funding to keep this start up fuelled up for new things. Just download the beta version from Android Market free of cost and let texting become your favourite and effortless activity.

This app has a lot of potential and has the early-bird advantage and nothing like this is available currently in market. Soon, it will open up for other OS apart from Android. A clear thumbs up to this app from our side.


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