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September 27, 2012

Get Real Time Search Results From Multiple Sources And Search Engines

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Internet helps us all to find anything, no matter what you looking for, you will get results once you enter your query. There are lots of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and so on which provided lots of results as per your query.

You just need to enter your keywords and you will get results instantly. But many times we couldn’t get what we are looking for, here is a Real Time search engine, RTBot.Net which allows you to perform some real time search for your topic.

How Does RTBot.Com Works?

RTbot is a simple to us search engine which provides real time result based on your queries. It fetches results from different sources like news websites, search engines, blogs, and so on. All search are nicely categorized which allows you to find your topic very easily.


To use it you have to visit the site and enter your search keywords and click on Search button, within few seconds you will see search results which has ben categorized nicely. You can click on any tab like Video to loo for videos, Twitter to get updates from twitter, you can find Wiki article on Wikipedia tab and so on. Under news you will see latest news on that topic, under documents you will find PDF files which you can download.


The thing which I like most on this web site is that you will get best result without using any filters, Google Bing and other search engines are quite good but if you don’t know how to use keywords to get best results then you might face issues, but here there is no such issue. You can also use some pre defined option in the home page to get results of that topic

Rating ;- 4/5

Other Online web service to Search best results :-

  • Focus On The User :- This web site allows you to get better social media search result on your Google page, it wont use any extra API or anything else, it just uses Google algorithm and provide better search results..
  • Sobotong :- Its an free to use web service which allows you to get bing search results in 2 language, sometime its important that you get search results in more than 1 language.
  • Multi Search :- Its an Google Chrome extension which allows you to search for any keyword in almost 9 search engines at the one time, its save your time and provide quite accurate results.

How RTBot Different From Other Web Services :-

Other web services provide search results from one or 2 search results, they uses API to fetch results from other pages or search engines, but RTBot not only fetch search results but it fetch real time results and update it too.

Conclusion :-

If you are looking for information on a trending topic which results might change frequently then you can use RTBot as your results will be updated in Real Time and you will get better results every time.

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