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April 22, 2011

Find The Best Extended Warranty Deals On Electronic Goods

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How often does it happen that we go out to buy popular consumer electronic goods such as mobile phones, laptops, PC’s etc. and we don’t get good warranty deals. For example, I bought an mp3 player last month from the local retailer who gave me a warranty for three weeks. As it turned out, it worked well for the first three weeks, but after about a month and a half, it just died (Yes, it was Chinese).

But the point that I want to put across here is that, it does happen with many of us that we don’t get good warranty deals for most of the electronic items that we purchase.┬áSo here comes SquareTrade, an online warranty provider for each and every item that we purchase. SquareTrade is a pretty popular and highly useful web site, which has been consistently rated at the top by serious online retailers like, etc. See the snapshot box below.

SquareTrade provides coverage for all items that you buy, be it new items and/or refurbished items. However, the length of coverage varies from 2-5 years for new items and 1-2 years for refurbished items, depending upon the condition and date of item (s) purchased. What more, SquareTrade’s warranty deals cost at least 40% lesser than your local retailer.

What is attractive about their deals is that they have deals not only for electronic items but even for your car’s music system. To top it all, if your retailer does not provide SquareTrade warranties, you can always come online and buy a warranty directly from their online store. All you need for that is a simple registration process.

It’s simple, it’s easy and extremely cheap.

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