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January 17, 2012

Get Your Personal Meeting Room Online

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Online meeting is a very widely used way of communication and exchange of ideas. Majority of professionals from various fields have meetings online. It has truly become a part and parcel of everyday work-life. New and exciting technology has been introduced, like the tablets and 3G connectivity, which help make meetings more comfortable. But, there is always room for improvement. Humans are never satisfied.

We came across this amazing online tool, called iMeet, that helped many of us colleagues to interact with each other, especially by live streaming of video. We were able to get real-time streaming, of high-quality (no lag). We were able to hear each other clearly and hence that made our meeting very fruitful. provides you with the channel or opening that you were looking for. You have your own meeting room now, online. You can even use themes to make your room look more professional for guests.

To get started, register with your name, e-mail and password (usual stuff). Next you would be directed to the page where you can set your web address. For example your web address will be If you want to change your name and want it to be something else, like your company’s name, you can do that, but be careful, you have only 30 seconds to do so. See snapshot below.

Once you’re done, next you can create a profile after signing-in. You can upload with your photo or avatar and choose your theme. Next, you are ready to send your iMeet web addresses to all your guests and start your meetings. You can make calls to any phone or computer for free. You can invite upto 15 guests absolutely free. Once you start using iMeet, you have a free 30-day trial period. Once that period expires you have to pay a rental of $62 every month (for your ‘room’). Guests are of course free to join your meetings.

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