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August 25, 2012

Simple, Free And Fast Email Service With IMAP and POP Support

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Email is a part of our life nowadays, we used to send lots of mails nowadays, if wanna share pictures, videos or any other document then we just send it via email service. So selecting and using a email service is very important.

There are lots of email service out there like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows live Hotmail, and many more. But here is another Email service, GMX, it’s a very reliable email service, its interface is quite good, nice and simple to use. It provides you unlimited storage for storing your mails, photos, videos and documents online.

It not only provide unlimited space but it also supports POP and IMAP, which means you can fetch your emails using any desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or like it. You can also check your mail using your mobile phones.


Your mails will be secured because GMX use superior SSL encryption system so you will never get problem with viruses and spams. Another good thing about GMX is that they will never scan your emails for advertising purpose like other email providers do. You can read and access your mails using your current Gmail, Hotmail or any other email accounts.

Using GMX you can send attachments upto size of 50 MB, so you can send lots of High Resolution photos to your friends or any one else, As lots of email provider allows you to delete mails after certain days from your Thrash or Spam folder, you can do this with any folder in GMX.

Like in Gmail, GMX too supports Labs features, means you can use lots of new things which are made by its users and provide extra features then just reading and sending emails, GMX also provides  your calendar so that you can organize your events and track them very easily.

And as other email provider ask you to have at least 6 character in your email address, but in GMX the limit is just 3.

Visit Site :- GMX

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