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August 4, 2011

How To Get Windows Popup Alerts For Google Plus (Google+) Notifications?

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Google has just released its brand new social networking site, Google+ or Google Plus, to compete with Twitter and Facebook, it has got hot welcome by the users all around the globe.

As Google Plus is expanding its wings and so many browser based extensions were released to get updated of your Google Plus account, but what if you don’t wanna get notification on browser as extensions make browsers slow.

Well here is Google+ Notifier, probably the first Google Plus desktop client, its an free and open source client which sits on your notification area or system tray of your desktop and notify you regarding your Google Plus accounts notifications.


Its nice desktop client for Google Plus users as now you don’t have to login and check notification now they are on your desktop.

Currently the app only shows the number of unread messages in the notification area. Double-clicking the icon will launch Google+ using your default browser .


The app is currently in early phase and it comes with basic features, but the good thing is that developer has said that he will continue to develop it means you can get more features in coming days.Developer is planning to add following things in it :-

  • One click installer,
  • Easier-updating (prompt user, then update automatically)
  • Change to official Google+ API (when available)
  • Translate into other languages
  • Browser to launch (inc. Chrome application mode)
  • Polling frequency
  • Run at Startup

How To Use This App :-

When you download this just run DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe file and it will ask your Google Account information, you can select remember me so that it can automatically login in future, once you provide your Google Account information you are done.

Now you will receive notifications on your System Tray or Notification area of your desktop.

Things you should do :-

1) This app currently don’t comes with Run At Startup option so if you wanna run it on every start up of your pc then all you need is to make a shortcut of it (just Right Click on and the select Desktop Short under Send To option) and paste it to your Startup folder.

You can know your Startup folder easily, just click on Start button and then All Program and then right click on Startup and select Explore or Open option and paste that shortcut here.

2) After downloading you will get a portable application, means you can place it anywhere on your computer, but you should not put it on your Program Files folder as this folder is read-only and the application requires access to write to its own folder you can put it on My Documents folder.

Visit site and Download app :- GPlusNotifier

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