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October 12, 2010

Get Web Browsing On TV And Lots More With Google TV

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Television viewing has long been an integral part of our lives. Not only is it the biggest form of communication in the world today, it forms the foundation for entertainment. Same is the case with internet and web browsing. It is estimated that, around the world, about seven billion people enjoy both television and internet services. Now, Google is presenting both forms of communication together with Google TV.

Put simply, GoogleTV is the “next generation” TV which is equipped with web browsing. So, users can watch TV, enjoy various apps and even browse the internet. All you need to do is buy a GoogleTV box which can be easily connected to your existing TV, and there you are, start browsing the web along with watching TV. What more? Your mobile phone can also act as a remote for changing channels. Other features include, recording of various TV shows, a homepage on TV displaying your favorite channels, direct link to Youtube and a few other web sites, dual view etc.

Key Features

  • Browse the internet on your TV
  • Equipped with preloaded apps such as Youtube, Google Chrome, Twitter, Napster etc.
  • Your mobile phone can act as a remote control
  • Present videos from your phone to your TV
  • Access to Netflix @ just $8.99 a month
  • Facility of watching and browsing simultaneously
  • Get a homepage for your TV which consists of your favorite channels and web sites

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The web site introduces the user to a latest Google product which will soon be launched in the market. Called as GoogleTV, the product merges TV viewing and internet browsing on a single screen (which can be your TV screen) and that too simultaneously.

How is Helpful? is a web site that will familiarize the user with various features of GoogleTV, a product which will soon be launching in the US market.

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