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November 28, 2011

Google’s New Photo Sharing App For iOS Users

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Almost all of us use photo sharing sites like Flickr, Or Picasa to share our photos, most of us uploads pics on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace Or Orkut so that we can share it with others. Photovine is a new photo sharing site in town, its been owned by Google and the site is currently in Beta phase and you need to get an Beta invite to start using this site.

The tagline of Photovine is Plant a Photo, Watch it Grow, well this exactly tells the story of this app, actually this app allows you to take a photo enter some caption for it and share it with other people. Other people will see it and join you vine by sharing their pictures too according to the theme you had started, You can start new vine or you can upload pic to any exiting vine, its on you.

When all users upload pictures and then it will create a collection then that collection will be known as a vine.

Currently this app is only available for iOS, its interesting as Google hasn’t released any version for its own Android, we hope they will launch it soon.If you wanna use it then you must get a beta invite.

You can visit Photovine and then click on big button saying Request An Invite and enter your details, wait for sometime and you invite will reach your inbox.


Once you had got your invite, you can download this app from App Store and start using it.

Google wants to keep Photovine clean that’s why they say that if you are confuse on what photo should be shared then think how you’d feel if your family saw the photo. If you wouldn’t want them to see it, you probably shouldn’t be posting it.

How to Use :-

  • Once you had got invite, start using it,
  • Take a picture from your device and add a caption
  • You can either start a new vine or add picture to exiting vine,
  • Now let other see your vine and add their pictures.

You can see the video below to know more :-



Visit Site :- Photovine

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