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May 25, 2009 – Notes Sharing For Students

GradeGuru is a notes sharing website where students who need relevant, course-specific study notes can find them, and where students who have study materials can share them to get rewarded with cool stuff and recognition.

GradeGuru is, at its core, a platform for students to help each other with coursework. It’s an idea that grew out of belief in the power of collaborative intelligence and the notion that a rising tide lifts all boats. This site just wants to elevate the educational playing field by encouraging all students everywhere to achieve their best and to inspire others to academic heights.

This web site is a great portal for all its users be it the members or the contributors. Some advantages of using GradeGuru are:

GradeGuru aspires to help contributors:
1. Earn acknowledgement for your academic prowess
2. Reap tangible rewards for your years of hard work
3. Capture the attention of top recruiters and land the ideal job
4. Surpass in your grades expectations through the constructive feedback offered by GradeGuru members

GradeGuru aspires to help its members:
1. Find precisely the material you need for your specific assessment given in your particular class – no more and no less – just the right stuff
2. Experience the joy of many "yeh… I get it, now" moments
3. Head confidently into their exams, knowing that you have got it covered
4. With coursework salvation in your darkest hours
5. Work out where to start and make sure you do not miss anything critical
6. Surpass your grade expectations and be proud of your performance

Also this site is a real sitter to use with all your problems being nicely listed and solved in FAQ’s section. You just have to register with this site and hence avail all its features for free. Main advantage of this site is that students who are good at studies can reap a fortune out of it with great rewards for their contributions.


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