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December 29, 2009 Participate In Conversations Of Your Choice

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Conversation is an inevitable part of human life. Every person on this planet has a particular thought process and a personal opinion about everything happening around him. What could be extremely good for one could turn out to be a cobra’s venom for another. Now, its also a human nature to share one’s thoughts and opinion about something with other minds and there is always a curiosity to know what the others have to say about the same thing.

Gravity brings together people from various walks of life and provides them with a common platform to speak out their minds and share their views on almost everything they care about.

Also, Gravity acknowledges the fact that it’s our ability to converse that sets us apart from lesser beasts. Humans are pretty clever. Not only can we express feelings like hunger, anger and happiness (cats and badgers can do all of these), with language we can describe stuff, communicate complicated ideas, engage in debate, and teach and learn from each other.

Gravity is the outcome of a  mankind’s need to have a more meaningful conversation. With better conversation technology, everyone can participate in conversations that create permanent knowledge. Gravity’s ultimate mission is to create knowledge through discourse.

Gravity’s rules :

Quality conversation is inherent in Gravity. The quality of content on Gravity is based on the collective contributions of our users (i.e., you!). Gravity has a few simple rules meant to keep our service interesting, fun and useful for everyone. They are as follows :

  • Engage in meaningful conversation.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Keep it clean and real.
  • Use common sense.

The motto here is – " If your mother would shake her head disappointedly, then you should probably not be doing it."

The best thing about Gravity is that it is always keen to hear from its members.

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About :

Gravity helps you discover and participate in conversations about whatever you care about. The Gravity universe is made up of hundreds (soon thousands) of worlds where users can jump into the fray and speak their minds.

How is Useful?

Gravity gives every user a voice to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences and a new way to learn from others.

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