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October 7, 2009 – Free VPN TO Hide Your IP Address

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HIDE IPVPN is a web site that will make your traffic originate from countries like united states or united kingdom . This site is a real help to you in accessing site like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC, ITV, etc. Your IP is hidden while using this service. HideIPVPN is the only FREE VPN service that offers both United States and United Kingdom VPN accounts. Create an account and start browsing anonymously.

Their Premium VPN service offers Static IP, Unlimited amount of transfer, Encrypted VPN Technology using Open VPN, No records are kept of where you go.

There are many benefits of using this service like:

1. Provides a layer of security and anonymity
2. Protects you by hiding your real IP address
3. Secure connection between your PC and the Internet (128-2048bit)
4. Access sites restricted to US and UK residents
5. Anonymous Internet Surfing
6. Security for Hot spot Wireless Access Users

When you connect to this web site, they create a ‘Tunnel’. This is another word for a connection between them and you. All data in this ‘Tunnel’ is encrypted so that only you and this service know the contents of what is being sent. The data is encrypted to 128 Bits. This is an excellent level of security whilst maintaining good levels of performance, even on older machines and lower powered devices such as Phones and Net books.

They do not store any information as they are not required to do so. But like any route, congestion can slow what should be a fast connection to a halt. When you connect to this website you have to go through your ISP who then connects you to us. If it happens to take a route that is either very busy or very long it means your connection will be slow. This can happen anywhere along the route although they monitor their network 24 hours a day to ensure they are not the cause.


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