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December 30, 2009 – Say Goodbye To Traditional Office IM

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Meetings are a complete waste of time, email etiquettes are too hard and weird to follow, and Instant Messenger is too outdated for group chats. Welcome to the hip and happening world of HipChat, a new communication platform with a difference.

HipChat is a communication platform which will make office communication with colleagues across the globe a lot more candid, real time and fast with its attractive features . HipChat facilitates seamless text, code and file sharing for instant decision making.

One key attraction of this messenger is that it saves you from the trouble of finding the email id of your office teammates and then add them to a list. You don’t have to follow the tradition manual ‘Add buddies’ approach. You’re automatically connected to everyone in your company or team. There are absolutely no bandwidth limits but only file storage limits. This tool also facilitates keeping a record of all your ‘chats’ in Chat Histories.

Some other path breaking features of this tool are:

  1. Compatibility with all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  2. HipChat has an edge for all the small emerging companies which still do not have email ids with their domain while most of the other messengers only permit email ids of the organization to be added.
  3. Past messages can be easily searched from web archive.
  4. Private discussion with only invited team members.
  5. Free service for first 30 days.

However, the few things the tool still needs to catch up on are SMS notification and security features like “off the record" chats and encryption. Web-based chat is also something which is still missing on the platform.

As far as prices are concerned, the plans range from $9 a month for 12 members and a restricted chat history to $100 a month for 100 members with unlimited chat history.

So, use this tool and don’t let the chain of thoughts and discussions break.


Our rating 4 / 5 | Visit


HipChat brings better-than-enterprise instant messaging to your organization.
Get more done with chat rooms; file sharing, and searchable chat history.
It’s a more productive and fun way to work.

How is useful?

This tool will save you from the boring meetings and standard email protocols and help your enterprise team members collaborate better and faster.

How is HipChat Different from similar websites?

The tool has some great features like file sharing, chat with the entire team at one time , private discussions and chat history for quick reference.

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