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December 26, 2011

Hold Online Debate On Any Topic

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Many times we wanna debate on some topics with other so that we will be able to know the viewpoint of others on the same topic and we can gain some additional knowledge and know upto what extend we are correct and where we are wrong and doing mistake.

Debate is a nice way to know the other side of coin, it may happen that we only know some part of the topic and others know rest in that way if you discuss it with others then you will be able to know other part of the coin, means you can get full information regarding the topic.

TwoSides is a nice online web service which allows you to hold online debate almost on any topic like Politics, Sports, Religion, Movies, Economics, Etc. and you can access them very easily from site.You can take part on existing discussions also.


You can agree to some existing viewpoints and you can share your thoughts or share any link which points to any Article, Research, or Videos to support your viewpoint.You can easily compare your viewpoint with others.

TwoSide provides unique and nice visualization tools which allows you to compare you with others.TwoSides’ unique interface clearly lays out every aspect of an issue by viewpoint, helping you see every side of a story. Making informed decisions has never been easier.

Its nice to see how many people supports and how many don’t to an topic, and its more interesting if the topic is started by you.

All new topics are shown on the homepage, which means you will see what others are discussing and what’s are their viewpoints on that.

The site is currently in BETA phase and registration is free of cost, just visit site, Sing Up and start any topic to discuss and get more information on that.

Visit Site :- TwoSides

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