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August 24, 2010

Choose A Secure Password With

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There is an old sage that goes like this – “If you believe in God, You should also believe in devil”. Similarly, every technological advancement in the history of mankind has always accompanied some disadvantages along with its advantages to the human race. Here, with computers and web that have made lives so easy for the man has also brought in some dangers in the form of hackers who can hack your various passwords and peek into your personal details that can make your life a living hell.

But for every hacker or a team of hackers, there is a corresponding Good software developer/company who must be working on day and night to develop some softwares/applications to prevent you from this threat. Here’s one known by the name ‘Small Hadron Collider’(is a teeny-tiny web-design company based in Sheffield. In fact, it’s just one person.) that has created a web based application called “HowSecureIsMyPassword”the website uses some simple maths to work out how long it would take a regular desktop PC to crack your password and tells about everything you should know while creating a new password or keeping the existing ones safe and secure.

How You Can check If Your Password Is Safe Or Not?

Simply type your password in the big horizontal empty bar on the homepage of the website and it will show you the time that any desktop PC would take to crack your password just beneath it.

How Does It Calculates That Time?

It’s just a bit of simple maths: ‘number of possible characters’ to the power of ‘length of the password’ divided by ‘calculations per second. You can know about these terms in detail from the site.

This website also offers loads of useful information like :-

  • Basic Password Guidelines
  • Things to avoid in a password
  • Which passwords can be Bad
  • Choosing, Changing, Protecting and Remembering your password
  • Examples for bad and good passwords
  • How would a potential hacker get hold of my password anyway?

So what are you waiting for? Just pop along and see how secure your password is.

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The website uses some simple maths to work out how long it would take a regular desktop PC to crack your password.

How Is Useful?

Choosing the right password is something that many people find difficult, there are so many things that require passwords these days that remembering them all can be a real problem. Perhaps because of this a lot of people choose their passwords very badly. The simple tips mentioned in this website are intended to assist you in choosing a good password.

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