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February 14, 2011

Create a Valentine’s Day Profile Header On Facebook

Today is Valentine’s Day ,which is a great occasion for celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. Lets turn your Facebook profile into a love note and impress your loved once. Facebook has come up with three new  love-theme backgrounds, which you can add to your Profile Headers app ─Hearts, Red tulips and Candy.

You can also customize these backgrounds with any message and create personalized banners and put it on your own or your loved once Facebook profile. Lets have a look how you can create a customize banner.

1. Go to and login with your Facebook account and authorize the requested permissions by clicking the “Allow” button. This will enable the application to upload your custom profile headers to your account.


2. Create your profile header

Once you’re logged in, scroll down the page to ‘Create Your Facebook Profile Header’ and select the background, enter your header message, choose font, and “Upload to Facebook”.



3. Start tagging

Now you have to tag the 5 images in reversed order for the header to appear correct on a profile. So, click on the rightmost part of the fivefold header. This will take you to your Facebook photo album. Tag yourself or your love in this image and click the “Previous” link. Tag the next four images with the same person or people, so you finish with the leftmost part of the header.

Finally Check Your Profile Page and you will see a new customized header.

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