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May 17, 2011

Find Your Missing Camera Online Using A Free Web App

Every camera is very dear to its owner as it is used to capture thousands of sweet and sour cherishable moments of their lives. You may even have saved up your pocket money to be able to invest in a camera of your choice, now wouldn’t it be big big loss if this priced possession of yours gets lost or stolen?

mobile phones and laptops may even be found out using expensive tracking devices available in the market but what about a camera? well, tracking a camera is now even easier than that. All thanks to matt burns who has designed this really interesting web service called stolen camera finder. This app will help you trace your missing or stolen camera by tracking the pictures that have been snapped by it.



The working of this app is quite simple. Your camera might be one of those many which assign their own unique serial number along with the date time model name etc. into a hidden EXIF(exchangeable image file) metadata which is attached to every photo that you capture. You may also see some of these attributes when you open your photo in the latest version of Google’s Picasa photo viewer. Using this unique serial number,this amazing app will search the internet for photos with an identical serial number which have been uploaded by a different user.

Using this application is also real simple as all you have to do is drag and drop the photo into the box provided to you and make sure that the photo is clicked by the same camera as the one which is lost or stolen. So if you are a professional photographer or a casual camera user then you should probably bookmark this website somewhere as some or the other time you or one of your frequently travelling friends might be in the need of this cool service provided to you by this website.

Visit : Go to StolenCameraFinder

Also this service is not compatible with some of the cameras so to find out which ones are you need to go to this page for the list.

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