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August 29, 2011

How To Keep Your Email Account Safe From Hackers?

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Hacking is the biggest threat to the virtual world. With all the information and huge databases being shared online, it is an ideal place for hackers to ‘Break the lock and get in’. You may have read and heard so much about hacking, but have you ever wondered whether your e-mail account was ever hacked to steal you personal data?

If the answer is no, better get ready for a shock, it has been estimated that around 1,466,098 e-mail accounts are hacked each year. This is how hackers work, they break into a web site and release millions of e-mail accounts of users like you and me (Now you know where all those mindless SPAM messages are coming from). To know whether your account was ever hacked or not, you must use this amazing online tool called HackNotifier.

Well, as the name suggests, HackNotifier is a tool that helps you figure out if your account was ever hacked or not, besides providing complete security for your account for just a small fee. Read below to know how this amazing tool works.

It’s easy, fast and as simple as you could imagine. Just type in your e-mail address at the space provided and hit enter. See snapshot below.

Once you hit enter, you’ll be directed to a page which will inform whether your e-mail address has ever been hacked or not.

If you want to protect your e-mail address, you may subscribe with HackNotifier, which not only protects your e-mail and other accounts but lso notifies you via e-mail and SMS that your account has been hacked. It keeps a strict vigil on public leaks, if your account is registered, it will identify your account in the leaked forum and notify you. You can pay-up $5 for using this service.


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