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September 30, 2011

How To Print Only A Part/Section Of A Webpage?

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Many times when we are navigating through the internet we find some interesting web pages which can be interesting and important for use and we then save them on hard disk or we can get print out of that page so that we can also read them offline or on the move.

But many times lots of information on that webpages is useless or we just want some of the information that page and for that little part of information we have to get print out of whole page, and if you are getting print out of lots of page then there will be wastage of resources.

PrintWhatYouLike is a nice web service which allows you to get customize print out of web pages, you can select which part of page you wanna get printed and which part you wanna leave or remove from the page so that you will get only interesting part get printed.

You had two ways first you can visit PrintWhatYouLike website and then type the address of web page which you wanna get printed or just add Bookmarlet of it to your web browser and when you see any web page from where you wanna print out just click on that Bookmarklet.


Once page is loaded you will see a sidebar with some tools and when you hover your mouse over different sections of the page you will see that it is dividing page into some sections and when you click on them some like Remove, which will remove that section from the page, Resize, Widen and many more.

In sidebar you will see some important tools like the format of Font you want in print, whether you want background or not, you can also remove images from the page as sometime the are useless and just occupy space on the page.

You can also chose whether you want margin on page or not, if you remove margin from the page then you will get more data on the same page.You can also increase or decrease size of fonts of the page.When you are done with all things just click on Print on sidebar to get print out.

Visit Site :- PrintWhatYouLike

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