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December 13, 2011

HTML And Visual Editor And CSS Code Generator

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There are lots of software’s and applications which act as a HTML editor for you, some are paid and some are freeware, CSS is an nice tool as they allows you to put extra effects on your Text, Image or in any other element which you are using with CSS.

XEO CSS is an HTML editor and CSS code generator, it can create HTML files and allows you to load classes from HTML or load IDs from HTML or even elements from HTML files. To make changes in CSS you need not to know any coding because all changes are made with the help of Visual Editor.

This app is free and you also don’t need to make any account for using it, you can use all features of this web app without any registration, but if you make account then you could save multiple files and start working on it later on.

When you open page you will find a pre-loaded HTML file, you can create new one or open your existing CSS or HML file, you can edit everything on the page like, text, background, header, font, footer, add drop shadow and all and its all very easily.

When you are working you will find both HTML and CSS file, changes on both files are saved separately, to save CSS click on Save when you are in Preview mode, to save your HTML file just click on Save button while on HTML Editor mode.

Use toolbar at the top to navigate between CSS editor, Preview and HTML Editor.


All CSS classes are on the left hand side pane which you can use, you can add more classes by click on plus, you can also remove any class for it just click on minus button.


To edit any selector just select it from left side pane and then click on CSS Editor, you will see Visual Editor box, and then edit Background, Typography (Text), Dimensions, Layouts, Transformations, Borders Land Transitions.


Visit Site :- XEO CSS

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