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February 2, 2010 – Brilliant Minds Come Together To Solve Your Challenges

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We all must have heard that famous quote at least once in our lifetime- "United We Stand And Divided We Fall". Here at IdeaConnection, it is thoroughly implemented and followed by heart. IdeaConnection is an on-line arrangement to bring together the brilliant minds from all walks of life(scientists, researchers, and experts – many with PhDs, many with patents to their name, and all with a track record of innovation and creativity) where they work collectively upon a problem/challenge faced by any business(large or small) anywhere in the world and offer the suitable solutions.

Everyday, the world’s most creative and innovative people are working on solving challenges for Fortune 1000 companies. With diverse teams, world-class facilitators, and a high ‘solve’ rate, they are offering innovative and creative solutions for problems ranging from nanotechnology, virtual reality, biochemistry, to marketing and sociology.

IdeaConnection is proving the best possible solutions to corporate problems as well as to problems concerning the benefit of Common Good. Companies have problems solved by select groups of great minds that work collaboratively in IdeaConnection’s virtual ThinkSpace™.

Some Main Features :

  • Rapid Innovation : Solutions are presented to you within 8 weeks.
  • Low-Cost Innovation : You decide how much to pay, and you don’t pay if the solution(s) presented to you do not meet your criteria.
  • Pay Only for Success : You only pay if your challenge is solved.
  • Solve Problems for Pay : Enjoy solving challenges and earn money
  • Innovation Resources : IdeaConnection has a large database of technologies for sale and wanted.
  • Free Innovation Newsletter : includes Interviews with Authors and Corporate leaders of Innovation, Technologies for Sale or License, Innovation Conferences, Conventions and Events, Innovation Books, Innovation Contests, Innovation Videos and Success Stories.
  • Confidentiality : the challenges and their respective solutions will be kept confidential between both parties as they need to sign the ‘Client Challenge Agreement’.

Any business that has unrealized opportunities, challenges and problems that, when solved, will help their profits grow should have their eyes on IdeaConnection

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IdeaConnection is an open innovation portal where companies large and small can submit challenges that our thousands of Problem Solvers will tackle. You pay only if your challenge is solved.

How Is Useful?

It give businesses access to the world’s most creative and innovative people, who work collaboratively to solve problems and develop innovations.

How is your website different compared to similar websites?

Our Problem Solvers work in small collaborative teams that inspire each other to come up with solutions that individual solvers may not imagine.

Our challenges are so secure, and anonymous that they are not even displayed on our website.

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