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April 6, 2011

Create Fast And Easy Photo Album Online For Free

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If you like to share images with your friends online, then this latest tool which we introduce to you today is the one you should be using., is the name, which makes the whole image sharing process so easy that even a toddler may find it boring after sometime. Yes, there are many web sites providing similar services for users, like Photobucket, TinyPic etc., so why go for Imgur? What makes it so different from others? read on to know more about Imgur.

First time users need to register at Imgur for creating an account. No need to pay anything for registration (it’s free). Once your account is made get started. All the images which you upload to Imgur (for sharing with your friends) are stored privately in your dashboard itself. Users can manage (keep it private or open to public), delete (any time), upload (as many), create (albums) etc. with an account at Imgur. All this and much more, only at Imgur, that too free.

In another way, unlike other online photo sharing web sites, there are no CAPTCHA codes for uploading images at Imgur. For those not knowing about CAPTCHA codes, these are the codes which are generally used to differentiate between a genuine user (human) or a computer bot. It mainly consists of a few letters or numbers which are required to be written in the space provided by the operator. It is a useful tool developed and helps to a large extent to keep all the bots away, but CAPTCHA scripts can become annoying at times. A snapshot of the CAPTCHA script is shown below.

Adding more to the services, the developers of Imgur have made it so flexible that even you can upload a useful tool (provided you have thorough knowledge of programming). A major drawback of using this web tool is that it doesn’t allow file (image) uploads of more than 2MB. You can get 3MB of file transfer once you make a donation to the web site. This still means users cannot upload images of high quality.

So go ahead and enjoy, free, fast and advertisement-free photo sharing service.

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